Thermal Insulation Contractors


High Temperature Hot Water, Medium Temperature Hot Water, Low Temperature Hot Water, Steam, Condense, Domestic Hot Water Services, Cold Water Services, Chilled Water & Rainwater Pipework.

These are some of the Services we Insulate on a regular basis as well as Ventilation Ductwork, Flues, Tanks & Vessels.

We also carry out Trace Heating when required for Frost Protection and Temperature Control to a range of Water Services.

All the above services can be insulated with a variety of materials such as Paroc, Kingspan Phenolic and Rockwool, all of which meet today’s environmental targets (BREEAM & GWP using HFC & CFC Free Materials).

We clad the insulation in various materials including Isogenopak, PIB, Venture Clad, Stucco Embossed Aluminium, PVC Food Safe, Plastisol, Aluzinc and Stainless Steel. All metal claddings are fabricated to the highest standard.

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